Thursday, May 21, 2015

shots shots shots shots shots EER'BODY

I have seen quite a few needles lately.
Shots on shots at the doctor for my mission immunizations.
I had bone graft surgery two days ago.
Then yesterday, I had a mole removed on my arm.
And then today I had an ingrown toenail removed.
Let me just tell you all about my experiences.

Shot at the doctor.
It went real quick, barely even 5 minutes. Quick poke in each arm, no harm no foul right?
WRONG. The next couple days my arms (especially my right) were SO sore it felt like I had been working them out for days. Good news.. they are ok now.

This is how my surgery went. We go to the Periodontist, I sign the BIGGEST check of my whole life, then they took me back to my room where I answered a bunch of medical questions.
No, I don't have high blood pressure.
No, I don't smoke.
No, I don't have heart murmurs
and no I certainly hope that I am not pregnant!

Once we got through all the questions, I got all hooked up to the machine which included: sticky monitors on my chest and stomach, blood pressure cuff, finger clamp, and even a cannula with oxygen going. This was serious serious business.
Then came the part I was most nervous for... the IV. yikes.
But I channeled my inner Bubba (he loves getting is blood taken and getting shots) and I was brave.
The doctor came in and took my arm, he tied the tight thing around my arm, dabbed the alcohol on my vein.. yeesh just thinking about it gives me the heeby jeebies. "Little poke" and it really was little! It didn't hurt as bad as I remember it hurting when I got my wisdom teeth out (almost 3 years to the day!) then he asked about my mission. "I'm going to Oklahoma! They've had.. a lot of..."
GONE. I don't remember anything after that moment. Next thing I know I'm sitting in the lazy boy in my front room. Crazy how drugs work huh?
The doctor told my family that I wouldn't really be entertaining because of the anesthesia he used, I would be more groggy. So they didn't record me... :( But I guess I did do some funny things!
-waved at them when I got wheeled out in the wheelchair, saw my hand and looked at it confused
-told everyone about the "catheter" they put in (the cannula)
-when Heidi was helping me walk into the house, I was prancing and kicking my legs like a horse haha apparently it was really funny to watch and Heidi and my mom were laughing pretty hard
My face was numb for a while and when I'd smile it was pretty crooked.

Woke up the next day with rocks in my face, aka I'm SWOLLEN. It's pretty tender.. we went to my dermatologist appointment and I had a mole that needed to be removed. in no time at all I was getting a shot in my arm to numb the mole, then with what looked like an xacto knife blade they just scraped off the mole. YUCK.

Today, the toenail. He, my foot doctor friend, came to my house and says "Are you ready?"
Me, not knowing that the procedure entailed said yeah! I'm ready. Well I sit on the chair, both excited and nervous at what is about to happen. I have seen an epidural placed before and I'm almost positive the needle he whipped out was LARGER than the one they have for epidurals. But, I am brave.. and "quick poke" DUDE. That quick poke was actually a very long and very painful poke. I watched as lidocaine and marcaine filled my big toe and it nearly doubled in size. "Alright just a little deeper" And he pushes the needle in further! I am squeezing the nearest object (my phone) as hard as I can and am holding my breath. He pulls the needle out then does the exact same thing on the other side of my toe. It felt like my big toe was on fire. But then, quick as a wink, my toe is completely numb. He does the procedure, which looked extremely painful but I couldn't feel a dang thing. Wrapped it all up and now I've got a lovely purple toe. And it's safe to say that I am a human pin cushion.
SO many injections and shots this week. My boyfriend would be so proud of me :) :) I love you Bubs.
no more mole... just a bandaid
swollen. it feels like there's sandbags in my cheeks
one of the bone grafts! Looks pretty good eh?
I can't smile straight HAHAH #crookedsmile

The surgical stuff

"I'll make an incision here"

Goin' ham on my foot

one of the 2 injection site. LOOK AT THE BRUISE
Just another day in the life, am I right?

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