Monday, March 16, 2015

yayy yayy we're in love

eeeyyyyy ohhhhh. Happy 11 months to us!

Me and Bubs have OFFICIALLY been together for 11 months. I say officially because we were baaasically together before then but it didn't become official until I came home from a bad date and said "Bubba, will you be my boyfriend?" Smartest and best 6 words I've ever said.

I got my very first email from Elder Lunt today, and believe me it was THE BEST. Ever since I woke up this morning I was checking my email about every 5-10 minutes. He's doing so well! Oh my goodness. He's the district leader (why am I not surprised?) his companion's name is Elder Vance. Which I have a funny story about.
So one day into his mission I wrote him a letter and drew him a picture of he and his companion. I had NO idea what his companion looked like so I drew him kind of nerdy looking with a bow tie, big glasses, and hair parted down the middle. I guess he thought it was pretty funny so he showed his companion and today in his email I got a picture of the two of them. "Based on the picture in your letter"
His companion rolled his tie up into a bow tie, put on glasses, and slicked his hair down JUST LIKE MY PICTURE! Hahaha oh my :) I definitely got a good laugh from that one. These two are going to be a good companionship, I can already tell.
He said there's an elder in his district that will eat anything you dare him to. Which includes: 3 pieces of paper, chalk, and a banana peel. YIKES.
They had hot wings for dinner one of the nights. Elder Lunt said, "They weren't even hot" which is MONUMENTAL for him. He used to think the Honey BBQ at Buffalo Wild Wings was hot (don't worry not anymore) but he just has a sensitivity to hot things. Haha.

Hearing from him made my whole day, it made the past days of agony worth it.
I love my elder! Happy Anniversary babe.

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